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Article I – Meetings

Section 1  R02
Regular meetings of the Association shall be held beginning in February of each year with subsequent meetings to be held at every hosted event. The initial Rules Change meeting will be held on the weekend of the Year-End Banquet. During periods where there is no hosted event, meetings will be held, at a minimum, every other month.

Section 2
Special meetings of the Association may be called by the President or the Executive Board.

Section 3  R15
Notification of all meetings must be sent to member clubs and the Member-at-Large Representative at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting date.

Section 4  R15
A minimum of 30 percent of the NWACC member clubs which may include the Member-at-Large Representative constitutes a quorum for the transaction of business.

Section 5
Each member club shall have an opportunity, in rotational order, to host an Association meeting and/or competitive event.

Article II – Board of Directors and Executive Board

Section 1  R16
The Executive Board is made up of the four (4) NWACC Officers.

The Board of Directors shall be made up of the Executive Board, and one (1) representative with one (1) alternate representative from each NWACC member club. In addition, there are positions that are appointed by the President with Board approval: The Insurance Committee Chairperson, the Corvette Show Committee Chairperson, the Autocross Committee Chairperson, and the NWACC Members at Large Representative. Appointed positions by the President are available to non-Corvette owners as well.

Section 2  R02
Club representatives (Board members) must be elected or appointed by NWACC member clubs prior to February 1 of each year.

Section 3  R00
Newly elected representatives will attend and register at the February meeting, and they will assume responsibilities for the year beginning with that meeting.

Section 4
The affairs, business and property of the Association shall be the responsibility of the Executive Board, except for those duties conferred on the officers by law or the Association Constitution and By-Laws.

Section 5
The Executive Board shall approve payment of all outstanding Association debts upon presentation of a valid receipt.

Section 6
The Executive Board may employ any other organized syndicate or trust firm or any individual of any group of combination thereof to serve, assist, advise, or inform it; and may confer thereon such powers and authority as it may deem advisable; and contract to make payments, fees and/or other renumeration for services rendered as the Executive Board may deem desirable.

Article III – Voting

Section 1  R16
Voting rights are limited to one (1) vote per each member of the Board of Directors which includes the NWACC club representatives and the Member-At-Large representative. The NWACC club's representative and Member-At-Large representative or their alternate shall cast the vote.

Section 2
A Majority shall be one (1) over fifty percent of the clubs represented at any scheduled meeting.

Section 3  R07
Each member club and/or Member-At-Large representative may act as proxy delegate for one (1) other member club. The absent club shall notify the Executive Board in writing of its temporary representation.

Article IV – Officers

Section 1  R05
Each Officer must be a member in good standing of a member club or a current paid Member-At-Large in good standing. If a Member-At-Large holds an Officer position, that position must be relinquished immediately when annual membership is deemed delinquent.

Section 2  R00
Election of officers shall be held at the meeting scheduled immediately prior to the Year-End Banquet.

Section 3  R00
Nominations shall take place beginning with the 5th scheduled event of the year. If a 5th event should not be scheduled, nominations shall be accepted at the last scheduled event of the year. Member clubs may also submit nominations, in writing, to the Secretary no later than October 1. Nominations shall be accepted for representatives of clubs that have paid dues for the next fiscal year.

Section 4  R15
Term of office for all officers shall commence on January 1 following the Year-End Banquet and run for two years to December 31.

Section 5
A list of officers elected and clubs balloting shall be published.

Section 6  07
The office of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be filled for two (2) year terms. The President and Treasurer shall be elected in an “out-of-sequence” year. The election of the President and Treasurer shall occur in the year that the offices of Vice-President and Secretary are not elected.

Section 7  R02
An officer of the Association may resign by submitting his/her resignation to the Executive Board in writing. The remaining members of the Executive Board shall have the power to appoint a qualified applicant to a vacancy on the Executive Board. Any appointment by the Executive Board shall be ratified by the Board at the next available meeting.

Section 8
An officer of the Association may be impeached from office for just cause and suffer loss of all membership privileges. Impeachment will require a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of all Executive Board members. A thirty (30) day written notice must be given prior to the vote. The accused will have the right to a hearing.

Article V - Duties of Officers

Section 1  R02
The President shall preside at all meetings and perform duties common to the office of President. After the election of officers, the President shall appoint (subject to the approval of the Executive Board) Chairpersons to serve on committees that he/she deems necessary.

Section 2  R02
The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in his/her absence and/or when called upon to do so by the President or the Executive Board. He/She will be in charge of attendance at meetings and new member procurement. He/She will also chair the competition committee and preside at the committee meetings and act as spokesperson for the committee.

R15 The Vice President shall convene a committee of no less than three individual representatives from three distinct member clubs for the purpose of reviewing the Financial Records. The review of the financial records needs to be completed at or before the first (1st) business meeting (normally February) of the new fiscal year. If a new treasurer was elected at the previous November year end business meeting, then both the new and previous treasurer need to be involved at the review and address any issues that arise.

Section 3
The Secretary shall keep accurate written records of all proceedings and be responsible for all correspondence except monetary matters.

Section 4  R13
The Treasurer shall collect all dues and other monies due to the association, pay bills which are authorized by the Executive Board, maintain bookkeeping records, give a statement of finances as often as required to all member clubs using electronic reporting (e-mail, facsimile, or similar method) prior to each meeting. A printed copy will be provided only upon request. A complete financial report shall be presented at the end of the fiscal year. The Treasurer shall maintain a bank account in the name of NWACC from which checks may be written which bear the signatures of at least two (2) NWACC officers for checks in excess of $500.00. For checks less than $500.00, only one (1) signature is required. The two (2) signature requirement does not apply to any check written in payment of insurance premiums and payable to a current insuring organization with an in-force insurance policy. As an alternative to paper checks, the Treasurer, with approval by the Board, may utilize an electronic payment process for payment of bills incurred by NWACC. The same Board member(s) authorized to sign a paper check shall have the ability to pay bills electronically should the treasurer not be available. The Treasurer shall provide to the Board at the next meeting, copies of all recepits/bills paid whether with a single or dual-signature check, or by electronic means.

Section 5  R02
The position of Director shall be held only by the outgoing President of the immediately preceding term who shall serve for not more than two (2) years. If the current President is serving a consecutive term, the position of Director shall remain vacant. If the outgoing President is elected to another office, the position of Director shall remain vacant. The position of Director shall not carry any special voting privileges but shall serve in an advisory function only.

Section 6  R02
At the end of the fiscal year, or upon his/her removal or resignation from office, each officer shall surrender all papers, books, vouchers and all other Association property to the successor.

Section 7  R14
The NWACC Treasurer will ensure that all dues and fees paid to NWACC are paid in U.S. Dollars. Annual membership dues in NWACC are $75.00 per club and $25.00 per member for At-Large members.

Member-At-Large dues include the insurance premium.

All member clubs must remit, per the invoice from the NWACC Insurance Committee, an insurance fee for each member within the individual club. The amount of that insurance fee is determined each year, by the Board of Directors and is based on the per member cost as quoted by the insurance carrier.
Along with the insurance fee, the club shall remit a copy of the current club membership list, regardless of the membership year of the individual club.
Member-At-Large dues and individual club insurance premium fees are payable in US Dollars by September 30, of each year for the following NWACC year. This due date may be modified by the Board of Directors, from time to time.

Section 8  R15
For At-Large Members as with all NWACC Club Members, the insurance cost is based on each member individually. If a specific member, whether Club Member or At-Large Member, is a member of more than one NWACC Club, each club shall remit the full appropriate insurance fee. There shall be no splitting of the insurance fee for members with dual club memberships. A list of all the Member-at-Large members shall be maintained by the Insurance Chairperson. The list will be posted on the NWACC Web Site as names only.

Article VI – Amendment

Section 1
The NWACC By-Laws may be amended at any meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the clubs present. Within thirty (30) days after approval, written notice of amendment(s) shall be mailed to member clubs and members-at-large.

Article VII - Parliamentary Authority

Section 1  R16
The rules contained in the current edition of "Roberts Rules of Order" shall govern NWACC in all parliamentary situations that are not otherwise provided for in the Constitution or By-Laws.BY-LAWS of the NORTHWEST ASSOCIATION OF CORVETTE CLUBS